HDRI panorama

What is HDRI panorama?

If you need a computer generated animation or still image which happens in a real scene, you will need high dynamic range photos (HDRI) in order to get accurate lighting and reflections. For this task the best solution is to use high dynamic range images (HDRI) with image-based lighting (IBL). It is an accurately photographed environment that contains the full dynamic range available.

Real lighting

The HDRI environment panoramas captures the real world lighting data in 360 degree.

Huge dynamic range

24EV dynamic range coverage, using 32bit HDR files, which contains every information from the darkest to the brightest area.

144 Megapixel

Maximum resolution of panoramas is 17.000 x 8.500 pixels, which is more then enough for HDRI rendering.

360 degree

The full spherical panorama covers light from every direction.
Download example HDRI file

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Move the slider to check dynamic range!